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Godox Parabolic Reflector Zoom Box P68Kit
Godox Zoom Box P68Kit

Godox Parabolic light Focusing System realizes a distinctive way to shape your light. Thanks to the engineering preciseness and pursuit of excellence. The 24 -brace reflector works perfectly as a light re-inventor creating dimensions no other light shapers could.

In the box

  • 1x Parabolic Reflector 68
  • 1x Carry bag CB35
  • 1x Grip PB-G1
  • 1x Focussing mount PF-M
  • 1x Focussing Rod PF-R670
  • 1x Strobe Adapter PF-BM

Focus system

The focus system gives you great light variations from just one modifier.
The easy-to-use focus bar allows you to achieve different lighting results.
When the light is placed inwards, the scattered beams are stretched to form a focused and narrow beam with high contrast.
When the light is placed further out, the reflected rays tend to disperse, some touching the subject while others disperse. This makes the light softer and provides less contrast.

Prominent light Master

You will be impressed by the magnificent light effects that's provided. Shadows being cast in a sense of gorgeous sculpturing for elegant dimensionality. Rich contrast could be obtained while tonal areas are evenly lit, with great depth. Details and charms are merged in one piece. Vibrant colors are greatly maintained to strengthen the impact of the image. The overall intensity is adjustable to your visual aesthetics. At all levels of light quality, the system shows its undoubted masterfulness, best for fashion, beauty, fine-art and other artistic creations.

Small adapter ring

The adapter ring that connects the light head of your preference is newly designed with a smaller diameter, resulting in less block of light output, which creates a more efficient illumination.

User friendly

Thanks to thoughtful mechanical design with the one-twist-release, it’s easy to use and quick to set-up.

Secure your light

The light is protected by 2 safety mechanisms. The Anti-rotation mechanism and a Fall Arrest rope. This is to protect your light head from accidentally falling. 


  • Parabolic design
  • 24-brace reflector
  • Small adaptor ring
  • one-twist release
  • Easy pushing and pulling
  • Anti- rotation mechanism
  • Fall arrest rope

Godox Parabolic Reflector Zoom Box P68Kit

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