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Nanlite FS-300 LED Daylight Spot Light

-20% Nanlite FS-300 LED Daylight Spot Light
Nanlite FS-300 AC LED Monolight is a powerful fixture that employs COB LEDs with a color temperature of 5600K (for shooting in daylight-dominated environments) while its high CRI/TLCI rating of 96/98 is an indicator of advanced color rendering capability. The FS-300 is dimmable too from 0 to 100% without flicker, while it delivers an even light spread that thwarts hotspots when used in a softbox. A real asset in sound-sensitive environments, the FS-300 employs fanless cooling for dead-silent performance.

One of the light's handy features is its Bowens-style light modifier mount that not only allows use of Nanlite light-shapers, but also those from the many manufacturers that use this popular mount. Another bonus is the FS-300's 11 special effects that include Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Bad Bulb, Fireworks, Explosion, and Welding. The light is ready for worldwide use thanks to its 100 to 240 VAC power supply. It is provided with a reflector and a 14.8' power cable.

Practical Effects

At the touch of a button, you can simulate 11 different practical lighting effects including Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Bad Bulb, Firework, Explosion, and Welding.

Fully Integrated Monolight with In-body Cooling

A true monolight, the FS-300 combines the control unit, power adapter, and lamp body into one compact unit. The integrated design makes it more lightweight and enables effective heat dissipation, ensuring the fixture performs at its best for longer.

Powerful, Even Light Output

The daylight-balanced FS-300 LED Monolight from Nanlite utilizes a larger LED array than most COB LED monolights to deliver high output as well as a smooth and even light spread, with no hotspots when used in a softbox.

Bowens-Style Light Modifier Mount:

By utilizing the near-universal Bowens-style light modifier mount and incorporating an umbrella holder into the yolk, the FS-300 is compatible with a massive selection of light modifiers. Including, but not limited to, Nanlite's line of Fresnels, softboxes, and umbrellas.
LED light specifications
LED Power 350w
Color Temperature 5600K
Brightness(LUX) Illumination: 5600K: 12550lux@1m, 1447lux@3m, 583lux@5m 5600K(with reflector): 41040lux@1m, 3780lux@3m, 1412lux@5m
Color Rendering Index CRI 96
TLCI(Qa) 98
Brightness Control 0 - 100 %
External Dimensions Light fixture (Without protective cap but with yoke): 342.5×232×123 mm
Net Weight 3.55kg (Light only: 2.95kg)
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