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Synco WAir-G1 (A1) 2.4G Wireless Microphone System

Synco WAir-G1 (A1) 2.4G Wireless Microphone System

Product Description

SYNCO WAir-G1(A2) is the first 2.4GHz digital wireless microphone and the first DSP wireless microphone launched by SYNCO. It based on SyncoderTM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm to achieve accurate audio signal pickup. It is tiny sized, which, however, has no impact on its excellent performance. It reaches signals 50 meters away at max., provides 2 output modes (mono or stereo) to re-show the direction and distribution of sound, offers an optional low cut filter as well as a gain control to improve the signal level perfectly, and carries a rechargeable lithium battery to support 5-hour working each time. It is a great choice for 2-person interviews/ dialogues when mobile journalists, videographers, etc. kindly consider it.

SyncoderTM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm

SyncoderTM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm, based on the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), is developed to have a 128-bit encrypted signal transmission capacity and instantaneous channel switch. It provides a secure, stable, and hassle-free audio system to guarantee accurate audio signal pickup. G1(A2) 2.4 wireless mic system bypasses the frustration of licensing and frequency mandating and offers a strong signal wherever you go.

WAir-G1(A2) SyncoderTM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm

Max. 50m Transmission Distance

SYNCO digital wireless microphone G1(A2) achieves long-distance (Line-of-Sight: 164ft/50m) high-quality signal matching thanks to 2.4GHz technology and SyncoderTM algorithm. Even when there are obstacles in between, it is still 98ft/30m available. This makes it a perfect choice for mobile journalists, videographers, etc. If you need a longer distance, G1(A1) with 230ft/70m (LOS) and 131ft/40m (NLOS) is a choice.

WAir-G1(A2) Max. 50m Transmission Distance

First DSP Wireless Microphone

DSP (= digital signal processor) technology is adopted for the first time in SYNCO wireless microphone, a move intended to process audio in real time. Analog signals captured by the transmitter are converted to digital signals for audio recalibration, and the processed audio is delivered to the receiver instantly. It is a process of real-time audio optimization, saving lots of time for post-processing and ensuring a high-quality audio performance in live broadcasting.

WAir-G1(A2) First DSP Wireless Microphone

Exclusive Stereo Sound Performance

SYNCO G1(A2) wireless mic at 2.4 GHz, has 2 output modes - mono & stereo - to restore the direction and distribution of sound. In mono mode, the sounds captured by each transmitter are combined into one audio track, focusing on the clarity of sound. When it is stereo, 2 sounds are separated to either left or right track, trying to emphasize the presence, layering, and transparency of sound. This is ideal for a 2-person interview or dialogue where modification of each audio track and post-processing are necessary.

WAir-G1(A2) Exclusive Stereo Sound Performance

True Adjustment for Clear, Clean Sound

SYNCO G1(A2) 2.4 GHz wireless mic provides an up to 180Hz optional low cut filter which targets low-frequency noises caused by wind, air conditioners, and traffic. The 0-4 level, 8dB-range gain control on the receiving end is dedicated to optimizing signal levels simply and effectively. The 3.5mm TRS headphone jack allows real-time sound monitoring so that any adjustment can be made promptly. All this guarantees a clean and clear sound output.

WAir-G1(A2) True Adjustment for Clear, Clean Sound

Big Uses in Tiny Construction

A 400mAh chargeable Li-ion battery is in-built to support 5-hour-long recording. It supports charging-while-recording and can get 50% power in just 40 mins. Its status is seeable on the power indicator which flashes to tell low battery, stays green when charging, and is off when fully charged. The 3.5mm TRS audio output on the receiver is open to the included 3.5mm TRRS/TRS cables, making it applicable to almost all 3.5mm input cameras & camcorders, as well as Android/ iOS mobile devices. All these are held by this small-sized 2.4 GHz microphone, a camera- and collar-fixable device to stay out of the way when recording.

1. SyncoderTM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm with frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
     • Secure, stable and hassle-free.
     • One trigger one is 70 m transmission distance and 40m in barried area
     • One trigger two is 50 m transmission distance and 30m in barried area

2. Analog signals captured from transmitter are converted to digital signals instantaneously to receiver
     • Audio optimization during recording, saving a lot of time in post processing 
     • High quality audio performance in live broadcasting.

3. Mono /stereo output-- the exclusive Stereo Sound Performance
     • SYNCO G1 restores the original sense of orientation and distribution.

4. All for Cleaner and More Detailed Soundtrack
     • 180Hz optional low cut
     • 0-4 level receiver gain settings with adjustment range up to 8dB
     • With real-time monitoring through a 3.5mm TRS headphone jack.

5. User-friendly
     • 5 hours of recording, and 2TX+1RX quick charge via one power supply, 40% power charge in a lunch break.
     • Tiny and portable with carrying kit
     • Indicator light for matching, charging and low battery
     • TRS and TRRS cable included for camera and smartphone users

Package details:

TX ×1
RX ×1
External Microphone ×1
Lavalier Windscreen ×1
Internal Microphone ×1
3.5mm TRRS phone cable ×1
3.5mm TRS camera cable ×1
Charge cable ×2

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