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Vosentech MicroFogger 5 Lite

Whether you are building it into a prop, using it for airflow testing or creating atmosphere for photoshoots, the MicroFogger is the perfect option! The new rechargeable/replaceable battery eliminates downtime while removing the need for bulky power cables and our innovative smoke generation technology doesn’t require any heat up time so the MicroFogger is ready to go the second you turn it on!


The all-new design has been created from the ground up for maximum reliability. Now featuring a hot-swappable and completely leak-proof fluid tank, The MicroFogger can be used for hours on end without worrying about liquid seeping into the case.  In fact, we are so confident in this design that we are offering a 2 year warranty, for ultimate peace of mind.


We’ve designed the MicroFogger to be easily built it into props, displays and SFX sets. Apart from triggering it with the main button, you can also use the optional remote control to trigger it from up to 30m away. Mounting it to surfaces is also incredibly easy thanks to the strong built-in magnet and tripod mount accessory (sold separately).


Most existing accessories are compatible with the MicroFogger 5 Lite so whether you are looking for an airflow testing rake to check air currents or a liquid fog attachment to create a spooky Halloween diorama, we got you covered! Browse from over 20+ accessories in our shop, designed specifically for your needs or use the accessories you already own.

The MicroFogger 5 Lite is the perfect entry-level smoke machine for anything from creating haze on set, to adding special effects to props to visualizing airflow patterns. The new hot-swappable fluid tank design and replaceable battery mean that you can use it all day, with virtually no downtime. As with our previous models, it generates enough smoke to fill an average living room with a safe, odorless smoke in about 1-2 minutes, and doesn’t need any heat up time unlike traditional devices. Since it is completely battery-powered and wirelessly controlled via the optional remote, you can position it virtually anywhere on set! When the battery runs out, simply re-charge it within the MicroFogger using the USB-C cable or replace it with a spare one, which can be charged in our charging dock (sold separately). As expected, we’ve kept the beloved pocket-sized form factor of the device so there’s never a situation where it’s too big to take with you!

This is the entry-level Lite version. If you are looking for more advanced features, please see the MicroFogger 5 Pro

In the box:

-MicroFogger 5 Pro
-USB charging cable
-Bottle of fog liquid


-Improved heating coil design for massive smoke production
-Easily-refillable fog liquid tank
-Replaceable battery for all-day use
-Simple one-button user interface
-15 min continuous use at full power
-Integrated remote control receiver
-Robust aluminum and steel parts for intense use
-USB C charging port
-Magnetic mount


Weight - 475 g
Dimensions - 11.5 × 5.5 × 3.5 cm
Time to fill 600 sq. ft. room - 1 minute for light haze, 2-3 minutes for dense smoke
Battery life - 14 min at full power, 30 min at medium, 60 min+ at low
Fog liquid tank capacity - 7 mins of fog production at full power
Charging port - USB type C
Fog liquid type - Food-grade, water-soluble glycerin
Noise - 40 to 60 dB depending on power level
Charging time - 6 hours
Remote control range - 30m
Battery type - Replaceable, rechargeable li-ion cell
Smoke power - 500 CFM
Warranty - 2 years (does not cover consumable items)
Standalone unit weight  - 275g

Vosentech MicroFogger 5 Lite

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