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Edelkrone FocusONE

Edelkrone FocusONE

A follow focus not for the focus puller, but for the camera operator. The marker disc on the FocusONE facing directly at the camera operator makes it easier for the camera operator to see the focus marks and pull focus.


Instead of using a marker pen and dealing with constantly marking and then cleaning the marker disc, with the FocusONE, you just rotate the marker disc to position using your thumb. Much easier and faster.


If you still need additional marking points, we have got you covered! You may always switch and use the white marker disc included in the box.


FocusONE is the World's most precise follow focus; not because it has the best gearbox design, but because its gearbox design is unrelated to its precision. To elaborate:
All gearboxes on regular follow focuses are placed between the marker disc and the focus ring. So, if there is any gear play in the gearbox, the marks on the marker disc lose precision.
The gearbox on the FocusONE is not placed between the marker disc and the focus ring. The marker disc on the FocusONE is in DIRECT CONTACT with the focus ring. This unique approach allows for the FocusONE to be the most precise follow focus in the World even at its affordable price.


FocusONE's compact design makes it very easy to travel with.

This compact design also makes it friendly to work with the secondary accessories that may be attached on your rods such as the matte boxes.

The control wheel of the FocusONE can be tilted up and down for easier access and setting up for different filming conditions.

FocusONE can reach lenses high or low thanks to its well-thought-out body dimensions.


FocusONE has 0.8 pitch gear on it. It is directly compatible with all professional cinema lenses. You may also buy the separately sold *edelkrone Lens Gear to make any other type of lens compatible with the FocusONE. You just attach the lens gear around the focus ring of your lens and it is ready to work with the FocusONE.

* FocusONE comes with 1 x edelkrone Lens Gear


All FocusONE parts are 100% CNC machined Aluminum. The FocusONE includes a precisely manufactured gearbox and self lubricating durable plastic gears inside.

Edelkrone Specifications
Edelkrone Box Contents Gear play adjustment screw. Accessory port.Control wheel.Control wheel angle adjustment screw (Silver thumb screw). Thumb screw. 15mm rod clamp. Focus point marker0.8 pitch gear. Marking discLens gear. 2.5mm allen wrench.
Edelkrone Folded size 123 x 95 x 75 mm
Edelkrone Weight 360 g
Edelkrone Compatibility Optimized for 0.8 mod lenses.
Edelkrone Materials CNC machined aluminum with delrin components and stainless steel screws.
Rods 15 mm industry standard.
Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.6 kg
Box Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 155 x 110 x 100 mm
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  • Brand: Edelkrone
  • Product Code: 80408
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  • 302.00€
  • Ex Tax: 249.59€

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