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Arms & Extension

Arms & Extension
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Kupo 025 Telescopic Baby Stand extension

Kupo 025 Telescopic Baby Stand extensionConstructed with chrome-plated steel, the handy baby stand e..

Ex Tax: 59.56€

Kupo 042 Baby Stand Extension

4-section black aluminum pole for allows to extend your stand to the maximum height to 50" (12 cm). ..

Ex Tax: 50.31€

Kupo 092 3 section extension Pole max lenght 2.3m

Aluminum material2 risers, 3 section (Dia.: 25mm, 22mm, 19mm)3-section black aluminum pole allows ex..

Ex Tax: 53.44€

Kupo KCP-101 Max Arm

The Max arm is especially designed for lighting, video, film or stills use. The multi-positioning ar..

Ex Tax: 92.90€

Kupo KCP-101CB Max Arm with Camera Bracket

This is especially-designed articulated arm with a camera plate and ideal for mounting a camera or a..

Ex Tax: 102.26€

Kupo KCP-101K Max Arm kit

The Same fuction as KCP-101CB but with more standard accessories included Convi clamp KCP-710, Max A..

Ex Tax: 141.16€

Kupo KCP-101QW Max Arm with quick release plate

A variable friction Max arm equipped with a quick release camera plate for precise position. Works p..

Ex Tax: 145.59€

Kupo KCP-101W Max Arm with wheel handle

The function is as the same as KCP-101 Max Arm but with wheel handle which comes with rubber cover. ..

Ex Tax: 101.74€

Kupo KCP-102R Vision Arm (10")

This precisely crafted articulating arm is designed for holding field monitors or accessories. The t..

Ex Tax: 93.47€

Kupo KCP-103 Mini vision arm

This precisely crafted articulating arm is designed for holding field monitors or accessories. The t..

Ex Tax: 40.36€

Kupo KCP-104 Camera Mountable Universal Smartphone Holder

It comes with a 5- inch long articulating arm for mounting small devices above camera allows photogr..

Ex Tax: 55.44€

Kupo KCP-110 10" Rock's Arm

The Kupo Rock’s arm is a precise and versatile articulating arm designed for holding field moni..

Ex Tax: 244.54€

Kupo KCP-111 11" Rock's Arm

The Kupo Rock’s arm is a precise and versatile articulating arm designed for holding field moni..

Ex Tax: 255.85€

Kupo KCP-172 Mini Articulated Arm Single Section

Constructed by two Hybrid Heads and an aluminum tube ( dia.13 mm, 1.1 mm thickness and 28.5 cm lengt..

Ex Tax: 31.18€

Kupo KCP-173 Mini Articulated Arm Two Sections

Similar function as KCP-172 but with additional one Hybrid Head and one aluminum tube. It’s easy for..

Ex Tax: 36.26€

Kupo KCP-215 Grip Arm Support

This is especially designed for giving the most support for grip arm . It is constructed by an exten..

98.18€ 47.19€
Ex Tax: 39.00€

Kupo KCP-216 Boom Arm Support

Similar to KCP-215P but gives the support for boom arm instead of grip arm. This is constructed..

Ex Tax: 69.12€

Kupo KCP-300 Articulated Arm

Articulated arm to lock and hold small lighting and effects in accurate position. The end socket is ..

Ex Tax: 90.44€

Kupo KCP-343 Flex Arm Kit for Dots and Fingers

flex arm and two adapters. Included is KS-038 which is a hex adapter tapped with a 3/8”-16 fema..

Ex Tax: 68.30€

Kupo KCP-344 Flex Arm

The 45 cm long flex arm comes with double 3/8”-16 female threads which is connected with the brass..

Ex Tax: 26.74€

Kupo KCP-345 Flex Arm for French Flag

The 45cm long flex arm comes with double 3/8”-16 female threads which attach on one side with a..

Ex Tax: 64.82€

Kupo KCP-680B Grip Helper

The Grip Helper is constructed from a junior (29mm) receiveron the end of a 45 degree angle arm whic..

Ex Tax: 215.77€

Kupo KCP-690 Extension Ear (Set of 3)

Constructed from an extendable aluminum column with steel made swivel mounting clamp in each end, th..

Ex Tax: 329.75€

Kupo KCP-801-DBT Pipe to Pipe Coupler With T-Handle - Black

 Specification- Color: Cloor- Material: Aluminum- Pipe-to-pipe coupler with T-handle- Offers a ..

Ex Tax: 247.11€

Kupo KCP-806 Side Arm with Baby Pin/Receiver

The same function as KCP-808 but specially designed for tube sizes from 31mm (1.25’’) to 38mm (..

Ex Tax: 72.51€

Kupo KCP-808 Bay Side Arm

Baby side arm with heavy duty coupler fits on tubes w/ diameters 2”(48-51mm) with a total lengt..

Ex Tax: 61.61€

Kupo KCP-809 Junior Side Arm

A heavy duty coupler fits on tubes w/ diameters 2”(48-51mm) with 380mm side arm and junior rece..

88.29€ 54.45€
Ex Tax: 45.00€

Kupo KCP-818 Adjustable Baby Side Arm

Designed for offsetting lighting fixtures or accessories with twin baby (16mm) pins from a stan..

Ex Tax: 143.83€

Kupo KCP-819 Adjustable Junior Side Arm

Designed for offsetting a boom arm or large lighting fixture from a heavy duty stand. Features ..

Ex Tax: 178.77€

Kupo KS-009 / 150mm extension

Made by chrome steel, this 150mm extension bar allows you to joint two Convi Clamp together at a dis..

Ex Tax: 9.20€

Kupo KS-010 Offset Arm 215mm

Steel made offest arm with a two hex adapters, one on the end of the arm and another at a right angl..

Ex Tax: 21.44€

Kupo KS-058 Baby Offset Arm

The 380mm Baby Offset Arm with two baby pins and one baby receiver, mounts on a baby stand wher..

Ex Tax: 33.86€

Kupo KS-059 Junior Offset Arm

The 470mm Junior Offset Arm with a junior pin and receiver, can offset a large light fixture fr..

Ex Tax: 55.54€

Kupo KS-158B Baby Adjustable Offset Arm

The same function as KS-058 but supplied with a length-adjustable device which allows you to ex..

Ex Tax: 83.53€

Kupo KS-159B Junior Adjustable Offset Arm

The same function as KS-059 but supplied with a length-adjustable device which allows user to e..

Ex Tax: 131.49€

Kupo KS-164B Panel Offset Arm

Made by solid steel with black powder coating, the 390mm long panel offset arm features dual ju..

165.32€ 108.90€
Ex Tax: 90.00€

Kupo KS-190 Sliding Arm

The spring-loaded sliding arm comes with 5/8’’ baby stud allows to mount your light and glide to pos..

Ex Tax: 68.80€

Kupo KS-195 Extension arm Adapter 28mm/16mm

Constructed from solid aluminum die-cast material with black powder coating, the Kupo Extension Arm ..

Ex Tax: 24.66€

Kupo KS-560 Multi Monitor Mounting Bracket w/ Quick Release Mounting Set

 Specification- Color: Black Powder Coated- Material: Steel Channel and Aluminum Bar- 4 x 5/8" ..

Ex Tax: 227.27€

Kupo KS-606 Single Pipe Trolley With Universal Gimbal Adapter

 Specification- Color: Black- Material: Aluminum- Designed for overhead shot- Gimbal adapter eq..

Ex Tax: 297.52€

Kupo KS-610 Shaft Extension Adapter

Constructed from precision machined steel with chrome plated surface treatment,the shaft extension a..

Ex Tax: 25.49€

Kupo KS-922 Dolly Pin to Junior Receiver Offset Arm

 Specification- Color: Silver- Material: Steel rod with stainless steel shaft- For 17cm offset ..

Ex Tax: 99.17€

Kupo KS-924 Anderton Dolly Pin (ADP)

 Specification- Color: Silver- Material: Aluminum rod with a stainless steel threaded shaft- Fo..

Ex Tax: 65.29€

Kupo KS-952 Portable Camera Dolly

The Portable Camera Dolly consists of a Multi-Function Slider Plate*( 355.6mm x 355.6mm x 14mm) with..

Ex Tax: 709.92€

Kupo KS-954 Dual Pipe Paddle Mount (Mitchell)

The Dual Pipe Paddle Mount (Mitchell) serves as an excellent mounting solution to transform the mult..

Ex Tax: 990.91€

SmallRig 1497 Articulating Rosette Arm (7")

SMALLRIG 1497 Articulating Rosette Arm (7") / 175mmThis articulating arm simplifies the mounting, al..

Ex Tax: 24.79€

SmallRig 1498 Articulating Rosette Arm (11")

SMALLRIG 1498 Articulating Rosette Arm (11") / 275mmThis articulating arm simplifies the mounting, a..

Ex Tax: 27.27€

SmallRig 4016 Side Handle with ARRI Locating

SmallRig 4016 Side Handle with ARRI LocatingAccording to the actual camera size, the handle can be a..

78.00€ 47.19€
Ex Tax: 39.00€

Smallrig 4194 Magic Arm wit Rosette Gear 7"

SmallRig 4194 Magic Arm wit Rosette Gear 7"The thumbscrew helps lock accessories and has holes for h..

Ex Tax: 45.45€

Tether Tools Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm

The Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm is a fully adjustable arm designed for positioning a tablet, ..

Ex Tax: 81.82€

Tether Tools Rock Solid Side Arm

Rock Solid Side ArmThe Rock Solid Side Arm is designed to mount a Tether Table Aero, lights, cameras..

Ex Tax: 28.93€