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Returns Policy

Product Return Policy

PHOTORIG.EU reserves the right to accept or reject return of the PRODUCTS purchased by the CUSTOMER.

To ask a return for a PRODUCT, the CUSTOMER must submit an express request by email at the following address: [email protected]

This request must specify:

  • The order number of the PRODUCT;
  • A sworn declaration that no items being part of the PRODUCT have been replaced, damaged, displaced or modified in any way.

In all cases, the PRODUCTS to be returned have to be:

  • in the exact condition and packaging the CUSTOMER received them (all pieces and accessories included, user guide, original packaging...);
  • Properly packed by the CUSTOMER to keep them from damage while the package is in delivery.

All PRODUCT take-back by PHOTORIG.EU will lead to the application of restocking fees which are equal to 25% of the VAT inclusive sale price of the PRODUCT.

In specific situations, a procedure through our Customer Service can be processed by PHOTORIG.EU in case of a PRODUCT injury.  This Customer Service Procedure will only be launched after the reception of the injured product by PHOTORIG.EU and the approval of the procedure by our Customer Service.

Customer Service fees will be automatically invoiced to the CUSTOMER. These fees are related to the administrative processing, shipping costs and all other expanses engaged in the procedure. An individual quotation for the Customer Service Procedure will be sent to the CUSTOMER before any intervention.